e-Learning is often described as enabling a number of processes. The Elearning Software Solution addresses these processes in a number of ways:


e-Learners can use the Elearning Software Solutions as an exploratory tool to access and investigate internal and external archives of current and historical resources in an attempt to address issues and solve problems.


The Elearning Software Solutions offers users a total learning experience , where the full diversity of opportunities are drawn to users’ desktops. This includes synchronous/asynchronous communication, threaded discussions and support for tutor-led, resource-based and self-paced learning


The Elearning Software Solutions provides the infrastructure which engages and sustains learners by enabling creative approaches which foster networking, collaboration and a sense of community through on-line mentoring, tutoring, team working and co-authoring.

Ease of use

The Elearning Software Solutionsprovides a choice of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for learners, course developers and deliverers, and site administrators. Furthermore users can choose Flash or non-Flash platforms.


The Elearning Software Solutions empowers learners with a set of tools that enables not only the personalisation of material and choice of appropriate learning techniques, but also, the ability to publish interactive content on the web in real time. As such, learners are empowered to take ownership of their own learning and development. Other systems require users to understand html, flash, design and graphics. The Elearning Software Solutions combines an array of easy to use publication tools and templates which give content creators immediate access to students and clients via the web.