Concept of Elearning Software

Concept of Elearning Software

There are thousands of e-learning sites on the Internet and they fall into two basic categories:

Service providers:

partner with businesses and provide an environment where users can find an array of training-related resources.

Content providers:

develop and sell custom-designed training courses in response to specific information the customer provides.

Elearning Solution Software

The Elearning Solution Software combines both, but it is much more. It is a concept that places learning and development at the core of organisational sustainability and competitiveness and thus addresses the classic division between the training and development function and the operational (business) function of organisations. It is an organising and integrating mechanism designed to capture the richness of information available within the ‘knowledge economy’, to facilitate individuals and organisations to use that information, share it, process it, identify its relevance and if necessary store it. It is not, and must not, be singularly viewed as a series of simple applications (tricks or techniques) to be applied to HR solutions. It does however have a number of context specific applications derived from the core concept.

The Elearning Solution Software concept generates a series of metaphors for learning and development. These recognise that individuals will apply learning if the process and outcomes are relevant and captures and invites immediate learning preferences. Furthermore it facilitates not just group activity but learning activity based upon the principles of communities of practice. It contains, on an ongoing basis, sufficient stimulation and reward to ensure individuals continue to log on and use it, and generate business from it. The Elearning Solution Software moves beyond simple models of learning and development and ties such processes into the bottom line of revenue generation, business model innovation, and performance measurement.

The Elearning Solution Software USP relates not only to the number of its applications (currently 40), but also to the quality of the experience for web clients. It is intuitive. It can be searched. It is fast. It can be customised in real time, both in the “Virtual Rooms” component (the front end) and in the “Work Area” (back end). Not only might customers wish to display corporate banners, logos and slogans in the Work Area, but they might also wish to display their own animated HQ as the main entrance screen. Such bespoke customisation is not only feasible, but should be encouraged as a way of helping to embed e-Learning through a sense of ownership. A further unique aspect is that the Elearning Solution Software “draws together diverse materials and online activity and presents them in one interface on the user’s desktop.”