Elearning Software Solutions

Elearning Software Solutions offer exciting and innovative web based management development and business support platform which enjoys significant advantages within the field of high quality e-Learning provision.

It uses leading edge learning technology to facilitate personal and organisational development and provides applications which promote appropriate and receptive learning approaches.

In many of today’s highly competitive businesses less time is being allocated for face to face training and development in favour of e-Learning. There is a perception in some quarters that human resource expenditure is an overhead which can be cut without any immediate discernible difference to organisational performance. While this might be true in the short term, over time, both the operational and strategic development of organisations can be adversely affected.

A key dimension of learning in the future will be through electronic means, supported by individuals. Not only can it deliver flexible and consistent training to individuals regardless of background, but it can be provided in any location and at a time which is convenient to the user. Creative use of technology, underpinned by knowledge and understanding of pedagogy, can lead to a renewed emphasis being placed on developing individuals, teams and organisations. Furthermore, for the individual, e-Learning can occur in such a way that performance can be assessed, recorded and accompanied by action plans for further future development.

Much of the literature points to e-Learning as a universal panacea for corporate HRD with traditional delivery being criticised on the basis of spiralling cost and variable quality. However, a distinctive feature of successful e-Learning provision is where the technology is underpinned by people who support learners, develop quality materials, apply appropriate pedagogies and interventions and maintain effective management systems.

The misapprehension that merely “providing content on the web will enable learning to happen” is an all too familiar belief. Companies which switch human resource investment from traditional delivery to the web, move from the active engagement of staff and beneficiaries, to a new and passive relationship. This new approach relies very heavily upon the personal motivation of individuals but without the previous educational support infrastructure. An alternative model of delivery is essential – one where individual learners are not isolated but rather linked by technology through customised forums, applications and systems to appropriate networks and communities of support.